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Hello from Doha, Qatar

March 14, 2010

Med Students at Exhibit.

Things are amazing here in Doha. With tireless efforts from recent Weill Cornell Medical College-Qatar graduate, Fouad Otaki and Nada Hassen from the Public Affairs department, we have managed at short notice to exhibit, lecture and photograph lots of new friends. The exhibition was a huge success and the prints, on canvas are spectacular. Thank you Weill Cornell Medical College and The Qatar Foundaton for your support and making this visit AMAZING! Went to Al Bayan School for Girls this morning and everyone there embraced our message. Celebrate the spirit of difference. This place rocks! Busy day shooting tomorrow at several local hospitals. More news soon!

The AWESOME Fouad Otaki.

Installing the Exhibition. The 7 foot prints arrive.

Opening night!


Interviews for the documentary.

The Exhibit.

Rick, Joanna and Jayne!

The Amazing Ghanim, living with Cauldal Regression Syndrome.

Ghanim, the wildman skateboarder!

Take a peek…

3rd Year med students at WCMC-Q! We shot lots of photos. They are all superstars!

Joanna spreading the word about the screening of her film In the Family.

A very proud me!

The lovely Nadia! 3rd Year Med student....

Ghanim being chased by doc cameraman, CHris.

Ghanim and his twin brother Ahmed, who doesnt have the syndrome but is just as crazy and fun!