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Hello from Doha, Qatar

March 14, 2010

Med Students at Exhibit.

Things are amazing here in Doha. With tireless efforts from recent Weill Cornell Medical College-Qatar graduate, Fouad Otaki and Nada Hassen from the Public Affairs department, we have managed at short notice to exhibit, lecture and photograph lots of new friends. The exhibition was a huge success and the prints, on canvas are spectacular. Thank you Weill Cornell Medical College and The Qatar Foundaton for your support and making this visit AMAZING! Went to Al Bayan School for Girls this morning and everyone there embraced our message. Celebrate the spirit of difference. This place rocks! Busy day shooting tomorrow at several local hospitals. More news soon!

The AWESOME Fouad Otaki.

Installing the Exhibition. The 7 foot prints arrive.

Opening night!


Interviews for the documentary.

The Exhibit.

Rick, Joanna and Jayne!

The Amazing Ghanim, living with Cauldal Regression Syndrome.

Ghanim, the wildman skateboarder!

Take a peek…

3rd Year med students at WCMC-Q! We shot lots of photos. They are all superstars!

Joanna spreading the word about the screening of her film In the Family.

A very proud me!

The lovely Nadia! 3rd Year Med student....

Ghanim being chased by doc cameraman, CHris.

Ghanim and his twin brother Ahmed, who doesnt have the syndrome but is just as crazy and fun!


Conference in Rome

February 8, 2010

The lecture was very well received this morning. So many potential collaborations and invitations to present at other Italian and European Genetics conferences. Thank you Francesca Forzano for inviting me to Rome. Francesca and I met at the Conference for the Society for Behavioral Phenotypes and Positive Exposure exhibition opening in Cambridge, UK. She is awesome! Here are a few more pics from Rome.

Me at Il Gesu, An amazing church The Pantheon, a section
The Pantheon, a section
Top L: Me in Il Gesu, an amazing church

Top R: The Pantheon

Middle: The Pantheon, a section

Bottom: Colosseum



June 15, 2008

Sorry for the time elapsed since last blog… So much is going on.. Recently received the Dorthea Dix award from from Elwyn Genetics at Bergdorf Goodman’s in NYC. Fantastic night and such an honor.. Brenda and Barbara at Elwyn are amazing women and are so supportive. Thanks.

Also, I am sure you are all on top of the atrocities going on in Tanzania with people living with albinism.. I am planning to travel with a friend and colleague, Peter ASH, to address these issues there in October. PE presence will raise awareness thru a lecture series as well as presenting an exhibition of people living with albinism worldwide.. We will also create a book similar to REAL LIVES for the Tanzanian community. I will be there representing POSITIVE EXPOSURE, NOAH and THE ALBINISM WORLD ALLIANCE.

I am in LA at the moment and will meet with the PE grant writer, Myra, to strategize on financial support and the development of our program, Positive Ties. (I’ll discuss this program at a later date) The University of MD Medical School has been so supportive of Positive Exposure, that we are growing in huge spurts.. Mimi Blitzer is a rock star! We have 2 wonderful medical students this summer Heather and Kathleen that will shake things up!!!! They will focus on our database and archive as well as working directly with people living with genetic conditions to create a dialogue targeting med students…

On Saturday, I am going to Boston to work with kids living with SPINAL MUSCULAR ATROPHY.

These kids are amazing and my last visit produced many out of focus photographs because the kids, many in wheel chairs, spent the entire family conference trying to run me over.. It was a blast and I cant wait until saturday.

After flying back to NYC on Saturday evening, I will then re-pack and fly to Moscow on Sunday.., I have been invited to exhibit at a gallery “FOTOLOFT” . We will use this opportunity to mobilze the albinism community to create a support group and raise public awareness about albinism in Russia. This will be my first visit there and I am thrilled to have this opportunity.. Stay tuned for live updates from MOSCOW!! That’s all for now!


June in the delegates lounge

December 12, 2007

Here are June and Dan in the Delegates Lounge at the UN after our presentation to UNICEF’s A World Fit For Children. A great day!!! June Waugh is a teacher at the California School for the Blind and on the board of the World Blind Union. She is an amazing advocate for the rights of children and adults that are blind or visually impaired. June presented ICEVI’s in partnership with The World Blind Union:

A Global Campaign on Education for All Children with Visual Impairment

The Education for All Children with Visual Impairment (EFA-VI) is a global campaign and program of the International Council for Education of People with Visual Impairment (ICEVI) acting in partnership with the World Blind Union (WBU) to ensure that all girls and boys with blindness and low vision enjoy the right to education. The Campaign, launched on July 16, 2006 will focus on children in the developing world where currently it is estimated that less than ten-percent have access to education.

For more info, take a look at the ICEVI site

Dan, from Michigan State, Helen Shulte, Associate Program Officer Child Protection section at UNICEF, June and Me…

June in the delegates loungeOriginally uploaded by P_E



December 10, 2007

Lots of exciting developments for Positive Exposure

Read more about:

A great friend of PE , Peg Flowe who is the cool stepmom of Sammie organized a meeting with Wooton High School students in MD to develop web based curriculum in collaboration with student body including students in special ed program. Students were receptive and had lots of ideas regarding inclusion and celebrating difference. We’re planning a 3 phase program,

1) student photoshoots

2) exhibition and presentation of PE with Wooton students included

3) interactive website/blog prototype addressing issues of self esteem, stigma and diversity developed for and by high school students

Also met science and art teachers from the Episcopal High School, private boarding school in the DC area to discuss potential partnership for art and genetics program with the students ultimately creating a SUPPLEMENTARY exhibition for the school that could also be replicated at schools around the country.

Met with University of MD medical to review data we received from our medical students (1st and 2nd year) SURVEY PRE- And POST- POSITIVE Exposure presentation. WOW Amazing responses.. I’m blown away.. This is the beginning of something HUGE!Afterward met with 3 1st year med students interested in internships with PE this summer with added interest in developing web based at a glance guides for med students on genetic conditions and the importance of interacting with people living with genetic conditions. Incredibly inspiring… Med students are so much more than what anyone could possibly think…. Artistic, creative, visionaries….

Speaking today, Monday, to 1st Year medical students at Weill Cornell. I have invited Jonathan Martin from the Marfan Foundation to sit in on the lecture.I believe the Marfan Foundation will be our first partner organization for the curriculum and web base guide developed for and by med students.. Should be a great morning.

Tomorrow, the UN presentation with June Waugh, World Blind Union And UNICEF… A WORLD FIT FOR CHILDREN.. That will be awesome..Speaking today, Monday, to 1st Year medical students at Weill Cornell. I have invited Jonathan Martin from the Marfan Foundation to sit in on the lecture.I believe the Marfan Foundation will be our first partner organization for the curriculum and web base guide developed for and by med students.. Should be a great morning.Tomorrow, the UN presentation with June Waugh, World Blind Union And UNICEF… A WORLD FIT FOR CHILDREN.. That will be awesome..


Texas Children’s Hospital and Baylor College of Medicine

November 13, 2007


Hi All: Here is the current exhibition at Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston.


Thank you Lori, Diane and Jena… It looks great…


Positive Exposure at the ASHG Conference in San Diego

October 24, 2007


Hey Everybody: I am at the American Society of Human Genetics Conference in San Diego. Positive Exposure is on exhibit here at the registration area. Take a look….