Positive Exposure Public Exhibition, Fashion week, NYC!!!!!!!

March 26, 2011

Hey Everybody: Positive Exposure needs your voice and we need it NOW! We would like to have an outdoor PUBLIC Exhibition of Positive Exposure during fashion week here in NYC, giving everyone the opportunity to see and celebrate the beauty of difference! The exhibition will then move to cities around the country! Is this a great idea? Why is this important?  What do YOU think? Your voice and your response will make this happen!!!!



  1. Fantastic idea! This puts action to words! There is always important discussion going on about the negative effects of showcasing fashion models as the pinnacle of beauty. Positive Exposure enlarges beauty to encompass what it truly is, “the quality present in a thing or person that gives intense pleasure or deep satisfaction to the mind, whether arising from sensory manifestations (as shape, color, sound, etc.), a meaningful design or pattern, or something else (as a personality in which high spiritual qualities are manifest); something extraordinary.

    Aren’t we all extraordinary? Don’t we all have a quality that gives deep satisfaction and pleasure? Isn’t that more than our outward appearance. Isn’t beauty more than our looks, clothing, hair and make up? Beauty is in everyone. Positive Exposure captures each person’s unique joy–unique beauty. The communities visiting, supporting and participating in fashion week will certainly benefit from PE’s work. It does not minimize or demean the fashion world’s depiction of beauty, but rather adds to it and enlightens it!

  2. Absolutely! Fashion week is about beauty and Positive Exposure is about beauty as well. A public exhibit in Bryant Park will show the folks in the fashion world that beauty does not meet a formula.

    Rick’s photos are respectful and show the true inner beauty of people that the world often deems ugly or different.

    Please have the public exhibit – and take it around the country and world … Share the beauty that you see.

  3. I know nothing of fashion week but I do recognize pure joy and humanity in your work. I’m thinking God is smiling over you… Thanks

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