March 2011: The Pearls Project!

March 18, 2011

Positive Exposure is creating an exhibition to target High Schools throughout the nation. Our goal is to provide opportunities for students to see beyond differences and embrace our shared humanity.

The exhibition will feature several teen photographic models living with a variety of genetic conditions with each image identified by first name only. The student visitors will have opportunities to read about the photographic models themselves and their lives through a safe Positive Exposure controlled informative blog. Each model will commit to blogging about their everyday lives twice a week for the duration of the project (4-6 weeks)

Students are encouraged to get to know the models featured through the blog and keep a journal recording their new discoveries.

The host school is encouraged to create curricula based on the exhibition and across disciplines of education including Creative Writing, Music, Art, Photography, Philosophy and Science classrooms.

By inviting high school students to see young people living with genetic difference through Positive Exposure’s life-affirming lens as well as hear a collective of voices so often compelled into silence, it is hoped that high school students will gain a deeper understanding and respect for the many differences in the world around them. This is going to be AMAZING!!!!!!!

A few of our bloggers:

The program in in its Pilot Phase and We’ll keep you posted:

In the meantime: Check out our new Kartemquin movie trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3zOPXTusNik

Also: Have a look at our ON BEAUTY Website: Blog us something!!!




  1. This is very exciting. What a wonderful idea.

  2. Beautiful! Fantastic project!

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