May 25, 2010

Kids in Shinyanga School.

Just arrived back to Dar es Salaam from Shinyanga. Amazing trip, amazing people. We visited a school where several families from the region are sending their kids with albinism for protection. These kids are so isolated and are aware that they arent safe in their homes. It’s agony to see them surrounded by the beauty of Tanzania, fear and segregation. Through all this pain, there is still, undeniably, hope in their eyes. We also visited with Kabula, a 13 year old girl who less than a month ago was attacked while she slept with her mom and had her arm chopped off. She was terrified to meet our  team, rightfully so, but allowed us to interview her. Im back now in Dar and having dinner with the Under the Same Sun team. There is so much to do.. My thought to proceed is to implement eduction programs that will engage entire communities to be vigilant and protect these kids. PE exhibits and lectures by PE empowered students and health care providers in training is how we need to begin. Hope is not only in the eyes of these babies but in all of our hearts. Photos will be added later when the internet connection is stronger. xxRick


A beauty!

Fetching water!

Mother of 12 with five living with albinism. Seeking protection here at the school.

Sleeping beauty!


Kabula at the hospital.


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  1. Powerful words and images, Rick!

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