Positive Exposure Spring Benefit at Chado Ralph Rucci Showroom!

April 24, 2010

Our Spring benefit was a smashing success. We had about 250 guests and raised over $75,000. It was awesome. So many old friends and new faces. We not only exceeded our goals but also introduced Positive Exposure to lots of amazing new supporters… .

I would like to thank Ralph Rucci for his support and absolute generosity and his constant support and inspiration encouraging me always to believe in my instincts, to see, to accept, to embrace and celebrate unique vision and beauty without compromise. I also would like to thank Rosina Rucci who has worked tirelessly promoting and supporting Positive Exposure. Believing in not only our mission, but also believing in each and every one of these stunning kids. And Vivian Van Natta, as amazing and busy as they are there at Chado, Viv  has always been an integral part of this evening’s success.

I’d also like to thank Miche Griffin who has helped make this benefit SHINE.

The benefit  will help Positive Exposure develop and reproduce sustainable programs and curricula that will reach more  medical professionals, students, legislators, and communities worldwide. To help us reach more kids living with genetic syndromes and help us develop the portable and sustainable tools needed to empower these kids and enable them to be advocates for themselves, changing public perceptions and attitudes towards difference beginning with their own communities. The proceeds from the benefit will help us partner with more support groups and communities worldwide, to inspire individuals, families and friends to see the beauty in these gorgeous kids and to reshape and redefine the boundaries of beauty to include all difference. Donations from the event will further develop Positive Exposure programs in communities where prejudices, discrimination, ignorance leads to human rights violations, ie: the murder for body parts  in Tanzania. Support will help us throughout Africa to develop portable and sustainable initiatives in partnership  with governments and existing local NGOs to abolish such ignorance creating tools needed to mobilize communities to accept and embrace all difference. Joanna Rudnick from Kartemquin Films presented a few clips from our documentary. This film will be incredible. THANK YOU EVERYONE, FOR YOUR SUPPORT….

Positive Exposure's champion Ralph Rucci (center) and friends, (left to right) Jay Glenn, the divine Rita Perrault, RR, me and event maestro, Ronnie Davis of Great Performances.

Joanna Rudnick presenting On Beauty film clip. Kartemquin Films!

The stunning Sarah and Kaelin!!!!

Liselotte and Wil


Lovely Rosina Rucci and the generous Mario Rinaldi of CHAMPAGNE PAUL GOERG 1er CRU.

The Amazing Zachary and his family...

Great friends!!!

Elizabeth, family and friends!

Watching the On Beauty film clip....

Joseph and Amye

Vaughn Edelson from the Genetic Alliance, Joanna and me!!

Me and the beautiful Maggie from KenyaAwesome Dr. Fouad Otaki!

Our Liz Matejka Grossman and friends!


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