Tanzania Update – New Incident

December 1, 2009

Positive Exposure has published periodic updates about the attacks on people with albinism in Tanzania. Things seemed to be getting better in recent months with the sentencing of some of the killers and a halt in reported incidents. Now we are sorry to report that Reuters has reported the death of a ten year old boy, attacked in front of his family.

“The family had previously tried to have their boy registered at a school where many albinos shelter but he was refused entry because it was full. His murder at the end of October marked an end of a three-month lull in the killings.

“When he was born I thought what kind of child is this, but then he turned out to be fine and happy,” said [mother] Mwakami Kilijiwa…”

Read the rest of the article here, though beware that it is shocking.

See NOAH’s Stop Albino Slaughter site for advocacy tools that can help raise awareness about these tragedies.


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