Tanzanian Trials of Accused Killers…A Sincere Effort?

August 13, 2009

PE partner Under the Same Sun has posted some recent news articles mentioning founder Peter Ash’s efforts to keep the international spotlight trained on the justice process in Tanzania.

One of the articles, from Canada’s National Post, has this quote from BBC journalist Vicky Ntetema, who questions whether the entire investigation into the killings of people with albinism was ever undertaken in good faith:

“In Tanzania, there have been no convictions despite a string of arrests that included several police officers.

Local journalist Vicky Ntetema said many Tanzanians believe this is because the witch doctors are protected by members of the government and police.

‘This is the general feeling,’ she said. ‘The public is saying if you started the trial, it means you knew you had sufficient funds to complete the whole trial.'”

Mr. Ash and his organization are working tirelessly to keep the atrocities in the headlines, rather than slipping into yesterday’s news. Sign the petition and check out their site for many more articles and videos about the injustices being suffered by people with albinism in the area.

THE NATIONAL POST interviews PETER ASH about Tanzanian Courts’ decision to end trials of murderers of people with albinism due to “lack of funds”.
Read article

News agency REUTERS cites PETER ASH’S response re: Tanzanian Court decision to drop cases against those charged with murders of albinos.
Read article

SALIF KEITA and PETER ASH:  “Two Incredible Human Beings” –Global Diversity Post
Read article


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