Public Radio International Series on Albinism Worldwide Features PE

July 28, 2009

MG_9955_13While the trials of those charged with the killings have been proceeding in Tanzania and Burundi, people with albinism still face discrimination in Africa.

Public Radio International has been featuring a series on albinism worldwide. For part two, reporter Phillip Martin interviewed Rick Guidotti about albinism.

Listen to the recording of part 2
, which includes Rick’s beginnings with Positive Exposure, Peter Ash from Under the Same Sun, and the portrayal of albinism in cultures around the world. There’s a great discussion of race, albinism and stigma, continuing from part 1.

Here’s a quote from the first installment;

“I can tell you that throughout the whole area of Africa, beliefs exist that people with albinism are cursed, that the mother had sex with the white man, that she had sex with a European ghost, that these people are evil, that they’re possessed, that they’re substandard, that the disease is contagious.  There’s a host of myths that prevail for hundreds of years for people with albinism in large parts of Africa.”

See the transcript of the first installment. See galleries 1 and 2 of Positive Exposure images from the PRI Flickr stream.


One comment

  1. Hey Rick, heard the story on NPR and thought it was nice that they aired two parts on two days of the story. Congrats on spreading the word and furthering the positive exposure of people with albinism.

    Although it bothered me that the host Lisa and others kept referring to people with albinism in the singular form. Once or twice if fine to establish the common terminology, but repeated referrals made me wonder how subconsciously insensitive mainstream society has effected them. Bravo for you using the
    correct” term which shows your sensitivity to those who happen to be born with this condition, which does and should not define their character.

    – LEX

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