Positive Exposure on the West Coast!

June 26, 2009

Hi All: I am currently in LA and just attended the ICAN conference at Universal Studios. ICAN represents and supports individuals living with Anophthalmia and Micropthalmia.( http://www.anophthalmia.org) I met so many amazing amazing amazing kids. Such a powerful and inspiring experience.. I will post a Gallery on our site soon..

This weekend I will travel to Las Vegas to attend the Chromosome 18 Conference. Cant wait as I have been working with these folks for about 10 years now and it’s like going home to visit my family and friends… I will also begin collaborating with Kartemquin FIlms on a Positive Exposure documentary. I’m so honored to work with such a team.. Check out their site at: http://www.kartemquin.com
Here is the work in progress blurb about the documentary:

Positive Exposure
Director/Producer: Joanna Rudnick
Executive Producer: Gordon Quinn

From In the Family Director Joanna Rudnick, Positive Exposure will follow former fashion photographer Rick Guidotti as he skillfully employs his lens to redefine beauty. Guidotti photographs children who are often relegated to the shadows because of elongated or oversized limbs, cleft palates, facial markings, lack of pigmentation, and other differences that make some turn their heads. His images are not the grotesque medical studies of the past; they are celebrations of life. Kartemquin Films is partnering with The Genetic Alliance and Rick Guidotti to tell the story of how one man’s lens can change the way we see and experience beauty.


One comment

  1. congratulations on the new opportunity. I am a big fan of Kartemquin Films and can’t wait to see more about the project.
    Peg, mom to Owen, 3: AMC Support Group

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