Positive Exposure in Tanzania

October 22, 2008

Hello All: I am in Tanzania with the Under the Same Sun team. Upon arrival, we were met by the appointed member of Parliament with albinism, Al Shaymaa and many members of the Tanzanian Albinism Society (TAS). Peter, the director of Under the Same Sun spoke with several media affiliates regarding our trip and intentions. After a very enthusiastic welcome, we headed to the hotel then immediately set off for the TAS offices located in the cancer clinic hospital.. We met several people/patients in treatment at the hospital in various stages of cancer onset. We then participated in a formal TAS introduction and community initiative describing the efforts and current life threatening situation in the area. We were then treated to an albinism football/soccer team kickoff. A dinner was sponsored that evening at the hotel by Under the Same Sun hosting concerned members of the government, community and support organizations.

Today, we met with the Deputy Director of Education and the Minister of Foreign Affairs to discuss the violence against people with albinism and current and planned strategies in place to address these issues and develop potential solutions to end these crimes. At every level in community and government, people are mobilizing.

Tomorrow is our day long Think Tank to empower the local albinism support groups as well as a Press Conference schedule immediately following. More to follow:


Welcome commitee


Football Fun

Al Shaymaa, MP, Grace Mazibuco from The Albinism Society of South Africa, Rick and Peter Ash.



  1. Hellow guys am glad finally you made it.
    At least you saw and get the touch of the real thing and getting to know what exactly happened there.
    We wish you guys all the best and enjoy the rest of your days there.
    Pius Pius

  2. Thanks for the post – we are with you!

  3. Im truly proud to associate myself with these inspirable and good humen gesture to help our fellow brothers and sisters. People effected by albinism are very brave and bueatiful people that we should love and treat with respect as any other person, hence its my heart felt desire that the violence agaisnt them should stop. If every1 voices their disapproval, we surely will fight these evil 2getha.

  4. Hey Guys,
    It’s amazing you’re actually starting the talks, wishing you all the best.
    Hope you can reach out to all groups of people (missionaries, mosques and local powers of influence) that can help make a big change in what’s happening.

  5. Tanzania authorities and we people in general should take serious measures to end this despicable and great sins to humanity

  6. look where we are!!!….. thanx Rick for turning our heads and our hearts you are a lighthouse showing us what really matters!! all our thoughts and love goes with you..

  7. This is very big step ahead. Big up all. I wish all God’s blessings be all the way with you.We appreciate really!

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