Positive Exposure and other Positive Things in Tanzania

October 19, 2008

After a whirlwind visit to the Neurofibromatosis Inc., Midwest conference in Chicago this weekend, Rick is now in Tanzania for almost three weeks–he’s promised to make frequent blog updates.  Positive Exposure, Under the Same Sun, and several advocates from the African albinism and disability communities are teaming up to reveal the beauty of people with albinism in a time and place where these same people’s humanity has been ignored. Their timely visit comes right after Saturday’s peaceful protest held by the albinism community in Dar es Salaam, which took place in at a time when the president has pledged to end the atrocities.  Send positive thoughts to the group as they embark on their mission to educate, celebrate, and advocate where it is most needed.

Anyone who has been keeping up with this story knows that the news can get pretty harrowing. But looked at from another angle, there are some positive things going on. Since the atrocities have been publicized the number of news stories I’ve been seeing on albinism in Africa has increased. Not just about the troubles the community faces, but educational stories, profiles depicting successful businesspeople with the condition, articles covering the advocacy efforts of various countries’ albinism support groups, and inspiring editorials like this recent one from The Vanguard. People with albinism have so often been relegated to the sidelines in Africa, so maybe all this attention will bring about some good. Speaking of making something positive out of a difficult situation, read about the Albino Magic Team, Tanzania’s new soccer team formed by people with albinism.


ps.  Albinism is in the news everywhere Two great articles from Malaysia:

Two sides of the coin: Cultural views on albinism vary markedly
Whiter shade of pale


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