ABC News Feature on Positive Exposure and other summer excitement

July 9, 2008

Cornelia de Lange Syndrome Conference

Summer is always a busy time for Positive Exposure. From June to August PE makes the rounds of the genetic support group conferences, some of which are like family reunions with many familiar faces, and others of which, like the Cornelia de Lange Syndrome group, are new to the PE family. Check out the new gallery with many beautiful faces from the Cornelia de Lange Conference last month.

Rick has already been so busy this summer, returning from Russia and immediately visiting several support groups stateside, that he hasn’t had time to update….so this is a post from Kim, PE staff member. We recently returned from the Chromosome 18 Conference in San Antonio Texas, which was full of beautiful kids and thought-provoking discussions. Stay tuned for a longer summary of that conference and a link to the new gallery.

The hot news for today is the ABC news feature on Positive Exposure: Fighting the Stigma of Albinism. This is part of ABC’s focus on people living with albinism in Tanzania. The slide show of Positive Exposure images makes a strong statement about the individuality and possibilities of people with albinism–in October Positive Exposure will bring that vision to Tanzania with the help of a team of supporters.

More conferences coming up, as well as updates about Tanzania.




  1. Way to go PE!!!

  2. Thanks for the post

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