Positive Exposure, Students from Tibet and Wootton High School, MD

March 11, 2008


img_0964.jpgHey Everyone:

Last week I had the great privelege to meet up with my friend Sabriye Tenberken. Sabriye was in NYC to launch the film, Blindsight. Blindsight is an absolute must see for all: the movie documents the amazing adventure of Sabriye and six Tibetan teenagers on their journey to climb a mountain in the shadow of Everest. Sabriye and the teens are all blind and are accompanied up Everest by Eric Weihenmeyer, famous blind climber… www.blindsightthemovie.com

During the promotion of the film, I had the great fortune to go ice skating with the kids in Central Park. Here are a few of the pics: That’s Sabriye in the bright red jacket and hat.

Sabriye is also the founder of Braille Without Borders and you must check that out as well. Her story is so inspiring… www.braillewithoutborders.org

sam2.jpgAnd she and her boyfriend Paul are a blast to hang out with.

Today, March 11, I am heading down to DC/MD area to present Positive Exposure to Wootton High School students and further develop our student Diversity Challenge that Kim Puchir (PE’s angel) and I have been working on. The Wootton School is awesome and we are celebrating our great friend Sammy’s graduation this year. Here is Sammy at right…

She rocks and has Tetrasomy 18. Check out the New Chromosome 18 website for more details. http://www.chromosome18.org


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