February 9, 2008

Hello from California: Sorry I havent posted for awhile. Ive been on the road. I really do need to get into the habit of posting much more often.. I promise I will. The last few weeks were a blast. I was in Paris for a week. A great friend and supporter of PE, Ian Falconer of Olivia fame, designed sets for the Theatre du Chatelet.
12.jpg22.jpg32.jpg3a2.jpgThe Opera, Veronique, was great and the sets were amazing! I also met with the wonderful, Pascale Jeanbrun. Over the past 5 years, we traveled to Mali, Cameroon and most recently, Panama together. We are currently planning a return trip to Panama to exhibit the photographs and video shot on our last trip. The exhibit will be hosted by the French Embassy as well as (hopefully) the US embassy. The exhibit will cost approximately $5000 to create and ship. Keep your fingers crossed that we can reach this goal.. Here is a pic of Gladismira, a Kuna Indian from the San Blas region.

The Kuna have the highest incidence of Albinism, 1 in 125. People with albinism there are thought to be direct decendents of the Moon Goddess. I was honored to work with Pascale and Dr.s Without Borders on that trip. The team told me the Kuna would never allow themselves to be photographed, but once they discovered what Positive Exposure was, they ALL volunteered to be photographed as well as having their children photographed. It was so POWERFUL and EXCITING! Everyone was so amazed that they werent alone and that there were people sharing this condition everywhere in the world… There were so many smiles that week. Now, how amazing to go back with those images in an impressive exhibit…

GladismiraI will somehow find that money!! We are shooting for a MAY 2008 EXHBITION date!

After Paris, Web Designer, Kim and I traveled to the Wootton High School where our great friend Sammy is a senior. Sammy is living with tetrasomy 18 and she is awesome. We are developing a program for the high school students to address issues of diversity, stigma and discrimination by using their talents and concepts of acceptance, self image and beauty. Sammy’s dad and step mom are key team members to get this program rolling.. Thank you Peg and Ben.. Youre AWESOME!! When we were there we photographed lots of students and will exhibit these images during our presentation of Positive Exposure on the 12th…. I would love to show you some of the photos but cant cause I dont want to ruin the surprise. But just you wait… They are beautiful!!!

I am also trying to juggle all of our pending trips… MD, DC, TX, CA, MN, and Australia… So exciting… I’ll keep you posted.

Love Rick


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